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Following on from our group meeting yesterday, Chris and I went and experimented with the effects that could be achieved with lighting on the material, and aimed to document out experiences.

We discovered that what we believe to be the most interesting effect of the material is the sudden change between transparency and reflection and the interaction between people and this medium. The really exciting and surprising part of our experiments occured when our faces would line up and it would suddenly flick from my face to chris’s .

We tested sticking the adhesive directly onto the glass and discovered that it created alot of bubbles. It would be very difficult to get rid of the bubble. So our suggestion would be to either go with them ( they kind of look like water) or not adhere the film to the glass. The bubble create covex and concave reflections and you get multiple little versions of yourself, which is cool – if thats what we are going for.

We believe that the effect of the mirrored wall is enough to encourage close interaction, but we will definitely have t consider how to place the lighting mechanics so that it is not clumsy. Also there were discussions yesterday about placing the curtains for the gallery , between the pillars outside the gallery  to control light and hide the toilets and exit from the reflection.

We hope you enjoy the videos and much as we do ! We had alot of fun playing with the effects!

experiment 1 – face change

experiment 2

experiment 3

experiment 4

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  1. That particular material adheres better if the surface is wet. You must wet the surface and then slowly place the material on as you scrape the surfaces together.

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