Light Source and Baffles?

Last night when we were meeting (see Yungbin’s post) there was discussion of how to model the viewing bodies with light.  Patricia envisioned baffles that will help contain the light between sections of viewing along the wall.  I think this would be a helpful way to possible hide light sources above, to the side, and below the viewer.  This creates opportunities to light different parts of one side’s viewer versus different parts of the other side’s viewer.  (See posted illustrations)

However, there was also talk of creating a more simple, clean, and (potentially) powerful lighting mechanics setup where snoots on spotlights would do the work of these baffles, creating extremely specific and narrow beams of light.  We noticed how it was more powerful when light would graze a face only instead of washing a whole body, because we perceive only a glimpse instead of an entire revealed view.  This may be relevant to the Cage piece, which might be equated to a series of discreet chords instead of a continuous symphony.  The power is in the separation, the isolation of parts, and the minimalism.

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