SCE Installation policy and clarification


Additional clarification is below

Installation Policy / Response

– Can we apply a film to the glass wall?  No damage, easily removable.——YES

– Can some of the lights in the adjacent hallway be turned off / lamps unscrewed?  It is understood that minimal light would remain for egress purposes.—-YES, SEEMS FINE.

– Can wooden boxes currently mounted to the ceiling be removed?—–YES..  LETS RETAIN THEM FOR REINSTALLATION (DON’T REINSTALL UNTIL SCE CONFIRMS THIS IS DESIRED).

– Can ceiling paint be touched up?——YES.

– Can my group install some small eyebolts for hanging lightweight materials from the ceiling?——–YES.  IF THE REQUIRED HOLE IS LARGER THAN A SHEETROCK SCREW, THEN YOU SHOULD PLAN TO PATCH THE HOLE AFTER THE DEINSTALLATION.



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