Installation to do list – 10/25/12

  • Revise concept statement – ROSE DONE
  • Revise poster / announcement – JOSH (upload to PDF to blog and print / display posters by end of day on Friday)
  • Revised CK light fixture quantity – JEANNE (By Thursday afternoon visit to CK showroom)
  • Revise budget 1 person – include the following:
  • $120 for misc hardware and hanging materials
  • $50 for poster printing
  • Charges to date – collect receipts
  • Add column for estimated vs actual budget line items (email Glenn for template)
  • Create video presentation of process including part 1 proposals – 2 PEOPLE (Present draft next Tuesday)
  • Research materials for black out, signage wall, etc.. RENEE / YUNGBIN (Materials for the arts visit on Thursday, email class for help in developing proposals based on what you get before class next Wednesday)
  • Develop prototype including light source, hanging method, mounting locations and budget(as applicable) for hanging fixtures outside of Donghia glass wall – 2-3 PEOPLE (Have installed for review during class on Wednesday)
  • Gilla material installation tests, what tool to apply, does glass need to be cleaned first, etc.. – 1-2 PEOPLE (Have installed for review during class on Wednesday)
  • Curtain mounting / cleaning method.  Install or measure all hanging hardware – 2-3 PEOPLE (Have installed for review during class on Wednesday)
  • Buy paper and pre-cut black out panels for front and back walls  – 2-3 PEOPLE (Have installed for review during class on Wednesday)
  • Light fixture research / testing – All LD students, Glenn will be in contact about this
  • DMX operation research and testing   (Present time sequence of lighting changes for class review and comment on Wednesday)



13 thoughts on “Installation to do list – 10/25/12

    • Good thought. I think we can print the poster for display at Parsons without crediting supporters, but the PDF version that we forward should include this,

    • Hey Huanhai,

      We got a roll of fabric from Materials for the Arts so that we do not need to purchase the blackout paper! I will be in studio tomorrow and can show you what we got.

      • Hi Renee,
        I heard this good news from Kara!Thanks! I will be in the studio tomorrow(Sat) but we need to meet with Derek, discussing about our studio and I already have group meeting as well. But I think I can take a look at these stuff maybe we can figure something :)

  1. I can work on mounting the hardware / curtain outside Donghia Gallery…. Potentially tomorrow or Sunday? Would anyone else be available to help?

  2. I can work on revising the budget (unless Jacinda wants to continue to work on that?), and collect receipts etc. I went with Renee and Yungbin to MFTA, and hopefully we can cross a few things off the budget list as we test the free materials!

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