11/7/12 Installation To Do List

Here’s the updated list of installation tasks.

Blackout fabric tests – proposed approach including hanging method.  Mock up to be reviewed during next week’s class.

Bar(s)- develop proposal given materials from materials-for-the-arts.  Mock up to be reviewed during next week’s class.

Signage wall – develop proposal given materials from materials-for-the-arts.  Mock up to be reviewed during class.

Budget update – create blog post for all future budget related correspondence. ASAP

Catering research – Find out if Newschool catering is cheaper.  Research possible beer donation opportunity.  Research cheaper wine options (receipts for testing of cheap wine are not reimbursable…) Report during class 

“Trailer” video – to be displayed the week of final crits.  Consider limited use of sound so we don’t drive Howard crazy… Present revised version during class.

Process video presentation – to be displayed during event.  Present draft during class.

Color version of poster – Present draft during class.

Hanging fixtures for outside glass (Halogen par lamps) – study mounting height and spacing.  Mock up to be reviewed during class.

Hanging fixtures for outside glass (DMX) – Research alternate sources for fixtures to be borrowed during installation.  Report during class

Speakers / sound – coordinate and test various speaker options including where mounted in Donghia.  Mock up to be reviewed during class.

Color Kinetics coordination – prepare confirmed product codes, etc.. for borrowed and donated fixtures.  Confirm all component parts needed for operation (including power supplies, cables, etc..).  Send draft to Glenn for review by end of day Friday.

Lighting / DMX tests – Borrow CK fixtures (2?) or other DMX compatible samples and associated power supply for testing during next week’s class.  Mock up of timing for lighting change to be reviewed during class.  Resource for help with this is Lindsay Arensberg (larens25@yahoo.com).

DMX instruction / demo with Kara O’Grady at Strand.  She may be available to help on Wednesday before class, otherwise a visit should be scheduled for next Thursday or Friday.  Coordinate schedule with L-S_A group and Strand

16 thoughts on “11/7/12 Installation To Do List

  1. I could be available to meet with Kara O’Grady at Strand depending what time that works out to be. I think there should be a small group of us going.

    I could also begin researching where we can source alternate DMX fixtures and look at what we want from CK for keeps (with assistance of course).

  2. I can help with the blackout fabric tests and development of the materials for the arts stuff for the bars. Would anyone else like to meet and work on that stuff?

  3. I just posted the most recent budget. If anyone has any updates please post them as replies to that post.

    I emailed about New School Catering, and will make phone calls on Monday if I need to. I’ll ad that information to the budget as soon as I get it.

  4. I am interested in figuring out the hanging of fixtures outside the glass (halogen par lamps). Is there a lighting student that is interested in joining me? I don’t have the technical knowledge to make all these decisions.

    I can also work on the sound element, figure what speakers are available to use for the night of the installation, and whats an appropriate volume and size.

    I would like to help Noel and Jeanne on the dmx configurations. Prototyping the timing and control of the lights to sound.

  5. I would like to go along with Noele for the DMX tutorial with Kara O’Grady. I can help Noele with trying to find other DMX fixtures or what we want from CK but I really feel lost about where to start – so Noele, let me know how I might help. I can also help Chris test PAR halogens outside the glass.

  6. I can work on the video but need more clarification and input since it is still unclear to me what images/graphics should be included in the video(s).

    • Patircia – Here’s some more info

      Trailer video – presented in elevator lobbies during week before finals
      – use only imagery related to the final installation
      – Include long periods of time with no sound so we don’t annoy people who work adjacent to monitors
      – Hold on slides that advertise event date / time
      – Include placeholder for sponsor / supporter logos

      Process video – presented on monitor(s) during event
      – Should more clearly describe (with visuals) entire process
      – Should include all part 1 installation proposals
      – May include (you should propose to class on Wednesday) additional text / info on the group’s intent for the final installation.

      Feel free to email me directly if you have other questions. Also contact classmates for help on this as you see fit.


  7. Ok, am I the only one who’s a bit confused as to what to sign up for now? I’m not sure where I’m needed! I wish people’s names were next to the task, so it would be easier to see which areas are lacking. I’m interested in the sound and/or more picture taking, image creating for promo materials. Thanks guys!

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