11-14-12 Installation To Do List

OK – I couldn’t resist.  An updated to do list is below.  You know the drill.

Blackout fabric proposed modified hanging method.  Mock up to be reviewed during next week’s class.

Bar- updated prototype of lighting.  Mock up to be reviewed during next week’s class.

Fabric test for bar area / studio end of corridor  Mock up to be reviewed during next week’s class.

Budget updates – provide estimated costs for items below. Update to be reviewed during class
  • Wood for mounting blackout fabric
  • Electrical connectors and wiring for lights outside glass
  • Mounting materials for lights outside glass
  • Wiring and j-boxes for CK lights
  • Lighting materials for bar
  • Updated food / drink estimates

Proposal for signage at elevator side of Donghia wall Update to be reviewed during class

Catering research – Find out if Newschool catering is cheaper.  Research possible beer donation opportunity.  Research cheaper wine options (receipts for testing of cheap wine are not reimbursable…) Report during class 

Process video presentation – to be displayed during event.  Present draft during class. Patricia

Hanging method for fixtures outside glass (Halogen par lamps)  Mock up to be reviewed during class.

Speakers / sound – coordinate and test various speaker options including where mounted in Donghia.  Mock up to be reviewed during class. -Rose (my boyfriend ok’d using his 2 wireless speakers.) One in Donghia and one outside should suffice, since we don’t want to drown people out with sound. I’ll look into placement, but does this mean we are playing the piece? Instead of constantly looping it, maybe it could just play 2-3 times, kind of reinforcing the unexpected nature of the piece. ALSO: since it will be pretty much the last day of school, um, afterparty?! I can make the mix…

Color Kinetics coordination – fixture samples for use during class.  Mock up to be reviewed during class.

Lighting / DMX tests – Borrow CK fixtures (2?) or other DMX compatible samples and associated power supply for testing during next week’s class.  Mock up of timing for lighting change to be reviewed during class.  

DMX instruction / demo with Kara O’Grady at Strand.  Schedule meeting before next week’s class.  Demonstrate DMX programming  during class

8 thoughts on “11-14-12 Installation To Do List

  1. I’ll be working at pricing the wire connectors and crimps for the halogens, dimensioning the extra wire needed for them up in the space and pricing that, and how to mount everything cleanly.

    I’ll also be researching DMX and reading about our console after Lindsey’s meeting.

  2. I will continue to work on with others:
    Color Kinetics coordination
    Lighting / DMX tests
    DMX instruction / demo with Kara @ Strand
    pricing for J-Box and Additional Wiring for CK fixtures

  3. I will continue updating the blog, so please give me your receipts and post any cost updates on the Budget post. I have catering information to update to the budget, but need your input on everything else!

    I will also work with Renee (and Yungbin and Huanhai?) on the black-out curtain.

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