Installation Update: Jacinda

Halogen update:

I dimensioned and estimated the amount of wire needed to be roughly 150 feet (double strand, so 300 feet for single strand cable).  I priced cable at Home Depot ($68 for a 500 ft roll of single strand) and G&G Electric ($32 for the same thing).  I bought the cable from G&G and made sure there’s a return policy.  As for the cap/crimp end pieces: G&G didn’t have them but said to check back on Monday when they had more of their department open.  Home Depot didn’t have them and told me to go to G&G.  Lighting & Beyond didn’t have them and told me to go to Home Depot.  Midwest Electric was closed.
Kat went to G&G today and they still don’t know anything about the end caps.  Tucker contacted Midwest Electric and is in touch with someone who may at least be able to identify these things.

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