One Beam of Light_ A multitude of Possibilities

It is a website that we can participate in by submitting photos of ‘a beam of light’. It reminds me of the proposal ‘planes of light’. Go check it out! Here are some examples from the website.

Light Ray Studies by Daniel Schulze

Light Ray Studies
by Daniel Schulze
Daniel Palacios' Waves
by Daniel Palacios

“Most great ideas are the ones that are very simple, yet effective. I’m looking forward to having the One Beam of Light book in my hands and seeing a compilation of stunning creativity.”

Daniel Palacios' Waves

Developing a Mutable Horizon
by Chris Fraser

“I feel very fortunate to have found a line of inquiry that regularly challenges and rewards me. It is less a style than a philosophy. I spend my days attending to each accident of light. I wave my hands in front of walls, swirl my water glass at dinner, and above all else, stare. My studio practice begins when I open my eyes and ends when I close them. I cannot wait to find out what the participants create with just one beam of light.”

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