ANN’S the event of a thread

the installation is a fully subversive experience that transports you to a different place. the event of a thread takes place in an armory where the interior architecture participates in the adventure.  i had the pleaser to interact with the installation by swinging on a swing that is connected to a large silk draped cape which separates the field house in two halves. the popular method of delivering illumination was an ellipsoidal theatrical luminaire lamped with either a warm or cool source. the lights had barn doors and were aimed at the curtain, the strings connecting the swings to the curtain, below the swings, and specific pieces of furniture. i also got to view the lively sheet from the mezzanine level and laying underneath among the radios. i felt that i landed in a place related to a parallel universe. i think that the winter season is a perfect backdrop to the event. i do not think that it would be as successful in the warmer months. we were lucky enough to be able to take photos and bring one of the newspapers displayed at the entrance of the installation home with us.

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