Installation Proposals – part 2

Now that part 1 groups prepared and presented installation proposals to the class, it is time for the entire class to come together on one installation concept.  The goal of this next step is identify a clearly stated set of criteria for the installation that can facilitate a focused collaborative process. The more clearly you define what you collectively endeavor to create, the more likely you’ll accomplish it.

In preparation for continued group discussion about this issue during our field trip on Saturday,  individual students / student groups are required to submit a one sentence blog entry on each of the below items by noon on Friday 9/28.  Entries should be replies to this thread.  Names of all students who contributed to the statement should be listed in the blog entry.  The more students represented in one shared statement the better .  Since the building is open and no one has a school conflict, I recommend all students meet in the Donghia Gallery during class time tomorrow.

1. What is the intended emotional response to the artwork?

2. How does the artwork address specific conditions present in the Donghia Gallery?

3. What aspect of the John Cage composition should most directly influence the development of the artwork?

A photo of our notes from last class are below for reference.