Fixture Update

Noele and I have finally made some headway with the lighting! I had the great fortune of working for someone with a theater background over the summer who then put me in contact with a rep from ETC and some other reps. Noele and I then proceeded to mail out numerous emails to try to get some fixtures and yesterday we finally got a response from Craig Fox from ETC Lighting and we are happy to finally have some fixtures!! We are to receive in total 4 fixtures, with power cords to each, and lens sets. I would like to propose we start writing Thank you cards as Renee has done for Materials for the Arts and extend our thanks to our sponsors. We are to receive:



I was just sent an email confirming that they are shipping out today. I want to apologize for not being able to get you guys fixtures sooner as Phillips has been extremely busy. As the ETC fixtures are on their way today, we will get them hopefully by this week and finally be able to work with some light! The fixtures from ETC are also donations and will be staying with us in the light lab!


Development of Installation

Present: Jeanne Choi Yungbin Kim, Renee Burdick Bing Han Rose Bothomley Chris Lunney Kat Brice Huanhai Cheng Patricia Vallejo-Arroyo Kara Palmore Tucker Miller Josh (Noele is in Vancouver for a Light thing)


Can we touch up the ceiling in the Gallery?

Can we remove the wooden projection boxes? (Howard)

How many color-kinetic led strips can we get and by when?

Can we turn all the lights off in the hallway?

What is the budget?


GILI Privacy Screen Sticker



Concept Proposal: PERCEPTION

The occupant perceives a reflective dark quality to the panes of glass that separate the curious activity within. They enter unassuming and cautiously. The occupant is directed linearly through the space facing the panes of glass. There is a gradient of opacity that undulates as the occupant moves from one end to the other. silhouettes are  perceived questionably as the occupant is unsure whether the figure is a reflection or shadow. The occupant is illuminated as the music becomes audible and the reflection fades away as the music pauses. The variable effects of light on the different opacities of reflectivity changes your perception of yourself and the figures moving outside as the occupant can traverse the path over and over again without noticing a beginning or end.