Process Video Draft

Here is the process video draft. I left a good amount of time to add more images from the combined approach, I was thinking we might be able to do a time lapse of the actual installation (edited) to show how it comes together and maybe a video of the final effect. Also I would like to add more to the part 1 proposals and would like input on which images should be used for each group. We can also add key words for each group’s approach.

Also I was trying to have the images timed to the music but this would only make sense if there is music on the video which might mean we need to plan for headphones.

Please let me know what you guys think.

Dan Flavin

The use of fluorescents, both in the form of light and the fixture itself in many cases to block space is characteristic of Flavin. In this regard his exploration of space is interesting in that it creates a feeling of irony by locating the fixtures so that they block the passage through architectural spaces, as he did in the Marfa, obligating the spectator to circulate around it to experience it.

The intentionality of his pieces have me puzzled in that he wants to keep them as simple as possible so as to distill the ideas, but leaves a lot of the results up to the qualities of the light itself. For instance, when he recognized “a degree of helplessness. The fixture that supports the tube has a fixed and rather severe aspect and appearance. This is one of those nice paradoxes, as nice a paradox as you can find anywhere. You have this unfocused source coming out of a well-defined instrument.”

I consider the empirical aspect of his work he most interesting, as he operates from experience he might be more akin to the viewer’s point of view.