Shameless self promotion…

Just for the heck of it I thought I would include a couple photos from a small series I made about shadows and light. Again, not instillation, but documentation of found light art I guess you could say.

Tracey Emin

Though Tracey Emin isn’t generally thought of as a Light Artist, I thought I would include this image and link. She did a series of neon sign works, made to the form of her own hand writing with a personal message. Now she’s doing this cool thing where she makes an edition of a dvd with a looped video of the neon, that you can own for a very modest price.

I don’t see it as a traditional transformation of space with light, though it could be if say it were the only light in a room. Still I think it’s interesting, and the juxtaposition between neon/signage (industrial, for consumers) and extremely personal words, is another way to think of Light Art for me.