Jim Campbell

Jim Campbell did a few installations in Madison Square Park two winters ago.  “Subway Voices” (above) was made up of light panels on the ground that reflected the sounds of the subway – voices and the incoming rumble of the train were faintly heard but understood and emphasized through interpretations in light.  “Scattered Light” (below) is a three dimensional field of light that made a low resolution image when viewed from one angle, that then distorted and became nothing but twinkling lights as one walked around it.


MIT’s 150th Festival

MIT celebrated their 150th Anniversary last year with a lot of interactive light installations.  Above, “Maxwell’s Dream” by Kaustuv De Biswas and Daniel Rosenberg was made up of magnetic handles that visitors played with, manipulating the magnetic field and corresponding light sources behind it.  Below, Meejin Yoon created “Light Drift,” where sensors detected people interacting with the glowing orbs on land and consequently communicated and changed the glowing orbs floating out in the Charles River, allowing people to see the effect of their play.



Church of Light by Tadao Ando

Japanese architect Tadao Ando’s Church of light, a pretty amazing use of natural light. Osaka, Japan. 1989

Environmental Light Installations by Carlo Bernardini



Rome-based artist Carlo Bernardini creates environmental, abstract fiber optic installations based on rhomboidal or triangular forms. The lights come together as three-dimensional shapes when you stand at a certain vantage point.