Chul Hyun Ahn

Forever and ever



Chul Hyun Ahn is a member of a group of young light artists including Olafur Eliasson, Ivan Navarro, Spencer Finch, and Leo Villareal. Ahn creates meditations on zen notions of the infinite and the void which distinguishes Ahn’s oeuvre from other artists working with light. Ahn’s multiple on-going sculpture series including “Forked Series” and “Tunnel Series” systematically explore the limitations of space and optics. Hilarie M. Sheets, contributing editor of ARTnews who also writes regularly for The New York Times, Art In America, and Art + Auction, said his work is “At once thrilling and ominous, it suggests a rabbit hole to another world—underwater, outer space, afterlife—or journey to the unknown, the kind of leap of faith involved in the artist’s own passage to an unfamiliar country and language.”As a pillar in the resurgence of light art, “Ahn creates sculptures utilizing light, color and illusion as physical representations of his investigation of infinite space.”  Ahn lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland where he is represented by C. Grimaldis Gallery.

Alessandro Lupi


Lighting Design and Light Art Magazine Image    Dream by Alessandro Luppi img 3203Lighting Design and Light Art Magazine Image    Dream by Alessandro Luppi geozavod 11 sm

Alessandro Lupi’s ‘Dream’ was exhibited in Belgrade of Light festival that ENLIGHTER.ORG participated in as a media partner. ‘Dream’ is one of the most inspiring and surprisingly gentle and sensitive works of art we have seen in the festival. It is a ’statue’ of a sleeping woman made of threads which are painted with a translucent material on selected sections. When it is lit with UV light the painted sections start to glow and create a 3D image.

“albero” performance

Urban Light by Chris Burden

Here is a link to his wikipedia page

This is newer piece at LACMA in Los Angeles. It’s pretty interesting at night.

Shameless self promotion…

Just for the heck of it I thought I would include a couple photos from a small series I made about shadows and light. Again, not instillation, but documentation of found light art I guess you could say.

Tracey Emin

Though Tracey Emin isn’t generally thought of as a Light Artist, I thought I would include this image and link. She did a series of neon sign works, made to the form of her own hand writing with a personal message. Now she’s doing this cool thing where she makes an edition of a dvd with a looped video of the neon, that you can own for a very modest price.

I don’t see it as a traditional transformation of space with light, though it could be if say it were the only light in a room. Still I think it’s interesting, and the juxtaposition between neon/signage (industrial, for consumers) and extremely personal words, is another way to think of Light Art for me.