Fixture Update

Noele and I have finally made some headway with the lighting! I had the great fortune of working for someone with a theater background over the summer who then put me in contact with a rep from ETC and some other reps. Noele and I then proceeded to mail out numerous emails to try to get some fixtures and yesterday we finally got a response from Craig Fox from ETC Lighting and we are happy to finally have some fixtures!! We are to receive in total 4 fixtures, with power cords to each, and lens sets. I would like to propose we start writing Thank you cards as Renee has done for Materials for the Arts and extend our thanks to our sponsors. We are to receive:



I was just sent an email confirming that they are shipping out today. I want to apologize for not being able to get you guys fixtures sooner as Phillips has been extremely busy. As the ETC fixtures are on their way today, we will get them hopefully by this week and finally be able to work with some light! The fixtures from ETC are also donations and will be staying with us in the light lab!


Proposal for signage at elevator side of Donghia wall


We insert the cut-out the the letters of the cutout between glass and the gela material, we are thinking using black paper or transparent black plastic, here is the diagram and how the title is presented under different lighting conditions.

Process Video Draft

Here is the process video draft. I left a good amount of time to add more images from the combined approach, I was thinking we might be able to do a time lapse of the actual installation (edited) to show how it comes together and maybe a video of the final effect. Also I would like to add more to the part 1 proposals and would like input on which images should be used for each group. We can also add key words for each group’s approach.

Also I was trying to have the images timed to the music but this would only make sense if there is music on the video which might mean we need to plan for headphones.

Please let me know what you guys think.


Hey All,

I think some of us are having trouble figuring out what still needs to be done off the to-do list. If your group needs help or more people, please post as a reply to this post, or send email. I think some people are at a loss at the moment, lets band together, so we can make sure we’re on the same page. Also, are we all still planning on getting together tomorrow, despite class cancellation? DMX controller progress? I can read through the manual tomorrow and start trying to figure it out, but we need hands on testing to really get it I think.




Bar + Material/Light Test

Yungbin and I tested a new fixture with the mylar tonight. We cut the mylar to fit the top and put a Phillips Silhouette F21T5/830 inside the cart. By reducing the wattage from our test last week from 39W to 21W we think the new light gives the bar a nice glow. We have 2 ballasts for this fixture in the light lab which is only enough for our bar (2carts wide) at the far end of Donghia Gallery. We think that a bar inside the space will need a less intense light. See photos below of our mockup tonight:

View from front:



Light fixture:

Blackout Curtain Tests

Renee, Yungbin and I tried several methods to hang up the fabric to create a blackout curtain.  The best method was to fasten basswood strips to the edge of the fabric, fold the fabric over twice, and then nail the curtain to the ceiling (through the fabric and basswood).  This method looks nice since the fabric is rolled along the basswood and since you can’t see how it is fastened to the ceiling.  We plan on folding the sides in and ironing them to give the curtain clean edges.

Close up of fabric folded over the basswood and nailed to the ceiling:

Hanging curtain:

Showing how light from adjacent studio is blocked out:

Installation Update: Jacinda

Halogen update:

I dimensioned and estimated the amount of wire needed to be roughly 150 feet (double strand, so 300 feet for single strand cable).  I priced cable at Home Depot ($68 for a 500 ft roll of single strand) and G&G Electric ($32 for the same thing).  I bought the cable from G&G and made sure there’s a return policy.  As for the cap/crimp end pieces: G&G didn’t have them but said to check back on Monday when they had more of their department open.  Home Depot didn’t have them and told me to go to G&G.  Lighting & Beyond didn’t have them and told me to go to Home Depot.  Midwest Electric was closed.
Kat went to G&G today and they still don’t know anything about the end caps.  Tucker contacted Midwest Electric and is in touch with someone who may at least be able to identify these things.