Anne Hamilton – The event of a thread

The Anne Hamiton exhibition at the Armory was like been transported into a living dream.  The installation  ‘ The event of a thread’ transformed the interior space of the Armouries halls to create an integrated, interactive experience that referenced the buildings architecture. The installation created an immersive environment that multisensory experience, utilizing lighting, sound, live readings, performance and visitor interaction. The piece encouraged participants to interact with the installation and experience the singular and collective body.


The installation was centered around a giant white silky curtain that was lifted 1meter of the ground to divide the space. The curtain was connected to more then 20 double width wooden swings suspended from the rafters by giant chains on either side of the divide. Each swing was set up in a pair, so that there combined motion would effect the curtains movement. On the swing you could feel the push and pull from your connected partner, but rarely see them.


The lighting of the space was immaculate. It was projected from very high up, so that the source was hard to pinpoint. The effect of this was that the floor looked to be magically illuminated. The lighting highlights the swings location with perfect rectangles and illuminated the typewriting stations at either end of the hall with giant spotlights. The white curtain was lit seamlessly to help emphasize its movement. There was a circular mirror located at the far station, which was connected to one of the swings. When it swung in a certain direction it would reflect a specific beam of light, back over the installation.